Sunday, February 15, 2009

In The Spirit Of Valentine's Day

Since Valentine's Day is all about love, I thought I would share this layout with you! Talk about love and obsession--my kids often cherish their favorite toys. Nathan literally has a shrine in his bedroom. He places all of his favorites on his dresser. He has this habit of looking for matching or connected toys. Like he will find all the Nemo things we own and group them together. I had to actually tell him that we needed to clean it all up yesterday because it was out of control. Ella is in love with all things dolls and Cinderella! She asked for this Dora doll for months. And, on Christmas morning (when these photos were taken), she was not about to share.

Look at that glare she is giving me. Back off b**tch is what her eyes are saying! LOL! What she did say in her little voice was "Its Mines." Love how kids talk! Like when Nathan doesn't hear us or doesn't understand, he says, "What you says?"

I am so glad I got these photos. When she is a teenager, I will whip them out and remind her that the attitude has been there all along. Journaling reads: Ella, you sure do have a mind of your own. And, when you love something, you adore it. Case in point! I just wanted a picture. That look and those words let me know Dora was off-limits. Okay, maybe not.

I actually used my stash to make this layout. And it felt good! I handcut the heart and put lots of love into it! Capturing those memories (to use as blackmail later!)

Oh! Almost forgot! I had one of my all-time favorite layouts picked up for publication in the July 2009 issue of Scrapbook Trends. I am super excited! Can I get a Woot!


  1. gorgeous layout and the photos are adorable. Kids can be so funny and precious at times. love your work.

  2. Congrats on getting into ST!!! Your work is awesome. Did you mean July 2009? check your date

  3. Wow, Stacey, I love this! I really like the colors and the green heart (rather than red). The journaling in the middle is FAN-TAS-TIC! Congrats on your totally deserve it.

  4. I love that you picked that green paper for the heart! Great contrast and CUTE pics.

  5. This is so adorable! I love her faces she is making in the pics! She looks just like you Stacey!!!

    Bummer that you didnt make it on the bus trip! I was hoping I would run into you one of these days!!!

  6. Love the layout!!Congrats on your publication!!!

  7. Oh my, that is the cutest layout!! Love that big heart! Congratulations on your layout getting picked up by ST! :)


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