Saturday, February 28, 2009

Look Who Stamped!

Me! Me! I actually stamped on a layout! Cosmo Cricket sponsored the team at ScrapStreet a few months ago and sent sooo many products! They are seriously generous! So I pulled out the stamps and decided to make my own background paper. I just planned it out and went horizontal, vertical, horizontal, vertical! The woodgrain is so cool!

I am wanting to try some new things because I feel like I lost my eye a bit. Can't tell if I like what I am making or not! LOL! I think I just need spring. And we are getting a huge winter storm on Sunday! HELP!!!

I have been busy with two fresh kids! Nathan is four and Ella is almost three. With those ages comes lots of backtalk and "No!" Nathan is trying to learn self-control---the other day he was in a time out for hitting his sister and was loud about it (what else is new!). So I told him he needed to be quiet while there or he wan't coming out. He wanted to, but doesn't quite know how to hold himself back. So he took both hands and covered his mouth. It was a riot! That is an attempt right? I had to walk away because I started to giggle. Oy! I am plan ole exhausted...

I did receive a "cozy" cushion this week from a friend. You know those small pillows that are filled with rice and some cinnamon--you put it in the microwave and it gets warm. It is seriously like a security blanket to me now! LOL!


  1. Kids are so funny! I would be tired too if I had 2 extra ones around! ;)

    I love the woodgrain stamping on your layout! I am amazed at how you lined up the stamps so perfectly! I know what you mean about the eye - sometimes I feel the same way - just keep creating and it will just pop right into place. ;)

  2. She stamped, she stamped! Yay! Welcome to the dark side, Stacey. :) Great background work. Cool layout.

  3. Such a fun layout! So, it's going to take until J is 4 to learn self control? It's going to be a long 2 years! I'll have to look for the security blanket. We are getting the same storm!

  4. Love how your page looks with the woodgrain stamps!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I was sad to learn there will be no Hartford CKC this year, well at least I save a couple hundred dollars. lol

  5. Cool layout Stacey! I love the owl stamp! YIPPEEE for you!!! You are now a stamper for sure!!!

    I hope you have a good week...I feel for you about the is coming our way too!!!! UGHHHHHH!!!!!

  6. Wow...your layout looks Fantastic. Luv how u stamped it too !


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