Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My New Love

Sigh...love is glorious, wonderful, keeps you happy and gives you lots to do! I am in love...

with my new iPhone. Who knew that you couldn't live without an app for the grocery store, being able to check your email every five minutes and unlimited access to Facebook? Giggle...not sure I needed another addiction, but here I am.

Speaking of great addictions, I scrapped on Sunday and actually enjoyed it again. LOL! I adore this hobby. It centers me and brings me joy. So, those moments when it is not flowing are difficult.

Made this layout using the November kit from My Scrapbook Nook!

We are about to host a great online crop this weekend! If you are looking for inspiration and good company, be sure to head over! I will be debuting a new layout for one of my challenges!

I am off to admire the shiny one I adore. Hope you get to spend time with your great love today too!


  1. I LOVE my iphone too :) ADORE it!!! It's so handy to have a decent phone camera with me at all times too - the camera really is pretty impressive for an iphone - a lot of my blog pics are from my iphone!

    My favourite app on mine is the geocaching app. It works like a GPS and has brought a whole new treasure hunting hobby to our family!!! Worth checking out as many caches have toys etc for children in them - my kids LOVE going geocaching wit the iphone!!!

    The crockpot app is fab!! I also love 'Would You Ever...' Paper toss is fun, shrek carting, fling, mouth off is funny for kids to play with :) Scoops is good, bug squash!!! the iball (like a magic 8 ball) , monkey ball, Just Fillin......sooooo many more :)

    Enjoy your new toy :)

  2. Funny post. I don't think I'll ever own an iPhone, but it sure sounds like a wonderful toy :)

  3. is it the 3g one?? is it really fabulous?? what am i missing...

  4. OH!!! I would love an Iphone! Enjoy your new toy! That lo is divine! You are totally rocking the Lily Bee papers!!!

  5. I love my IPhone toooooo!!! What did I did before I had this wonderful phone!!!! :-) The LO is just adorable and what great colors!!!!

    Wishing you a great day :-)

  6. addictions?! oh goodness.... i've got tons of those!! esp scrapping!

    anyway, LOVE that layout! :)

    hope you have a fantastic day!


  7. Addictions? Scrappers? Never! I have no idea what you are talking about! Great LO by the way. Love how you cut out the pp.

  8. this is adorable, stacey! love how that circle ties it all together! how fun that you got an iphone! i've been thinking about it, and I think you may have convinced me lol!


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