Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ha! Ha!

So I just sat down to type my post and accidentally hit the publish button. Thus, an empty blog post showed up. If any of you came to visit during the time I hit enter and typed, you would see a date with no other information.

I am laughing because it sums up how I feel these days. The change of seasons or my lack of success or lots of obligations have gotten to me. A bit empty...

And I hate feeling like this because I have sooo much to be happy about. So much to be proud of...! I guess we all go through this though and it is my turn.

This feeling has translated to my scrapbooking. I just pushed paper around all weekend. Gorgeous beautiful paper and great photos. But blankness...I did end up with a layout and the theme is perfect for my mood lately.

I need to be grateful and appreciative, not down. Here is my reminder:

Supplies: (All from My Scrapbook Nook Fall Mini-Kit) All: Little Yellow Bicycle

I actually taught an online class on this layout here at the Nook.

Yes, I pushed paper around. It took a while to be inspired. But in the end, it turned out okay.

So, let the blank, empty post now be filled. Let me take steps to feel more like me. And it will all turn out okay...


  1. I think it is a beautifully constructed layout! I hope you get out of your tiny funk (if you would call that) soon, and I agree with you that change of season can affect us. For that matter, what about the annoying daylight savings ending and all that, what's with the clock pushing? I'd rather be doing paper pushing, lol.

  2. Turned out better than just OK. So love that layout! Know what you mean though. I feel like that once in a while. Hope today is a better day for you!

  3. I KWYM as well...but the LO truly doesn't look like you just pushed paper around. it looks fabulous!

  4. I just had to post and say that I know how you feel. Can I just say I really thought I would be seeing your layouts on the CP blog. I read that you put your hat in for their call. Anyway, I'm a little late seding encouragement. Your work is fabulous and I for one am very glad that you share your talent in your blog!

  5. I would never know you're in a funk by looking at that gorgeous layout!! sorry you're going through one of those periods, my friend - I hope it is short lived... many hugs to you! I loved seeing those adorable halloween pics, too!

  6. Oh Stacey....so sorry that you feel in a funk....it's Ok...me to!!!! Love what you did with the LO and I think with the time change and it getting darker earlier...we all feel out of sorts!!! Lots of love to you sweet friend!!! :-)

  7. I love that layout Stacey. I think we all have our days... I know I do! Hang in there.

  8. Beautiful layout Stacey! I love the adorable pictures of the little ones and the leaves are just gorgeous...

    I will be at the 10:30 class with Cheryl Mezzetti on November 21st with my friend Stephanie...I hope you can go...Super excited to meet both you and Cheryl on the same day!!!!!

  9. Wow is that a stunning layout! Amazing products that went together so nicely.


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