Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is There a Full Moon or Something?

because my kids have become possessed by something. Something that is resulting in constant arguing, hitting, high-pitched yells and lots of "No!'s". Seriously, it is a bit out of control.

I keep trying to use the Santa won't come lecture, but it doesn't seem to be working. LOL!

Here is a layout of them just being silly. They are with their cousin, Christian in this photo. See, they are starts off as fun, but then turns into mayhem!

Supplies: Paper, Chipboard, Journaling Tags: Earth Love by Cosmo Cricket; Alphabet: Nutmeg by AC; Mini-Alphabet: Jenni Bowlin, Trim: My Stash!

I love the concept of framing parts of or the entire layout! My friend, Staci Taylor does this so well! I really adds a ton of interest!

Speaking of full moons, I went to see New Moon and loved it. Really loved it. And I think I am switching teams. It has been great working with Edward, but I am all for Jacob now! Sigh...


  1. Love your LO!!!! I love the framed look...must try this out!!! What cute papers...adore them!!!

    I have not seen the is on the to do list....I too am a Jacob Fan!!! Sorry Edward!!! Something about the dark and handsome!!!!

    Have a great week and Holiday!!!!

  2. Love this layout! Such cute clouds!

    I've always been Team Jacob, but New Moon sealed the deal for me!

  3. still love all your pages!!
    hope you're well!!


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