Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Inner Super Heroes

Super heroes! Such a big theme in my house right now. Nathan has moved on a bit from the whole Cars craze and is loving all things super heroes! We have costumes, books, toys and games. He is attracted to the theme because they help people and he loves to do that. So sweet!

If Ella has a super hero, it might be Barbie who always looks smashing! LOL! No, really, it is her brother. She adores him!

I was so excited when I got these photos because they show the love between them.

Funny, how the universe speaks to you. Actually, sometimes it is screaming at you, but you are failing to respond.

See, the thing about super heroes is that we all have one. That super hero within. The part that can move mountains. Who has strength and courage. But sometimes we fail to strip off our outer layers and reveal that person who can do anything.

With all the talk of super heroes going around in my house, you think I would have made the connection sooner. So, I am currently looking for mine. I think she will appear with the right amount of exercise, sleep, water, and hugs. I bring this up because it is time to look inward. To channel the best parts of me.

I found this quote (on my iPhone Quotes app!), "When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere."--Francios de La Rochefoucauld. Isn't it the truth? We can blame our past, look for what the other person did to push our buttons or feel helpless.

None of that will help though. And rather than wait to be rescued by that dashing guy, I think I will seek that tranquility within myself. All I have to do is listen!

(Of course, if that dashing guy came in the form of Zac Effron or Taylor Lautner, then I would surely play helpless. Even if it were only for a few hours...LOL!)


  1. what a special layout Stacey. You have captured a meaningful moment of them together. This is magnificent!

  2. I love the details you always put into your layouts. fantastic little buttons to accent the chipboard, things like that, and the little { so much fun to study :)

  3. Amazing, Stacey! Your LO's are just so inspiring. This LO is just so special.

  4. Oh Stacey....I adore the LO....the detail work and love in this one is AWESOME....thanks for passing this quote on....I am having some issues that I need to find resloution to....and you have shed some light!!!! Thank you sweet friend!!!

    Have a great week!!! :-)

  5. I'm so glad that I picked today to come back and check in on your blog. Not only is this layout so special, but your words about our inner super hero really struck a cord with me. So thanks for that!!!

  6. This is so precious!! you always amazing me with the details you put into your layouts!!

  7. I really love your layouts and your stories, Stace!


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