Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

Woot! We have a snow is so nice to be all holed up inside the house with these guys:

We had chocolate chip pancakes and watched Ice Age under a pile of blankets. Just what we all needed.

The kiddos are actually quite cute, pretending that it is Christmas Eve. They are placing all of their toys underneath our Christmas tree, running to go to sleep in their make pretend beds (blankets and pillows) and then waking up for their "presents."

Hmmm, they might just be a little excited for Christmas!

Off to enjoy my second cup of java! Hope you have a cozy day!


  1. Oh Stacey...this sounds like sooooo much fun!!!! YIPPEE for SNOW Days!!! I'll have another cup of Java with you!!!

    The LO is Stunning...I just adore your work and the love that pours from each piece of art!!! :-)

  2. Love this stacey the little touches of gems and the great shape look so festive and wonderful!~

  3. sounds cozy - i LOVE doing that! The layout is fabulous!

  4. Wow your work is just beautiful! I saw your name on the 'friends of pagemaps' website as I was looking around and saw we have the same last name! So I thought I would pop over and Im so glad I did :)Thanks for some wonderful inspiration today!

  5. Your layout is absolutely AWESOME! I'm speechless!

  6. I love a good snow day! It's when it turns into 2, 3, or 4 that gets me crazy!
    Great layout-love the flower!

  7. So so sooooooooo beautiful this layout is!! Snowday, how many inches did you get? We got 8 and that does not a snowday make for us :(

    Hey, I keep forgetting to ask u, when can I post the layout I made for the personality thingie a while ago on my own blog?

  8. my wish for christmas: a big table, a bottle of vine and a week scrapping fun with you!! ;)

  9. have fun girl .. I love the layouts .. and as usual you are smokin girl ..

    hugs ..

  10. oooh, i love snow days! yours sounds perfect! and that layout is gorgeous - love those colors and the photo of your beautiful family!


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