Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pajama Day

There aren't many good things about the winter. I don't particularly like the snow, who wants it to be dark by 4:30 and outdoor recess is a drag! Losing my outdoor spaces because of cold, wind and snow has meant that I have to photograph my layouts inside. Why it is that they come out so much worse than my others? ACK!

Winter does have a few perks. Hot cocoa, cute scarves, and pajama days. You know those days when it is simply too cold to go out so you have a great excuse for staying warm inside. Steve calls it hunkering down! You will catch him in his pjs hiding under a blanket all day on Sunday afternoons! We play, cook and and do projects all while wearing our pjs!

Here is the proof!

Supplies: Very Merry by October Afternoon, Alphabet by American Crafts

This was the kids and I making cookies for Santa last year! There we are sharing a golden family moment all while doning our pajamas.

At least we have matching sets! Makes winter more bearable!


  1. Great layout capturing the family tradition. Those are the special moments in life & what's important.

    Glad you are enjoying Christmas with your kids - they are at the magical age for the best memories for all of you.

  2. Love the LO, and those flowers you used as smoke...genius! So glad you captured such a great memory for you and your faminly.

  3. Beautiful layout! I love the popcorn kernels as smoke!

    A Pajama Day sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. great lo - love that popcorn smoke :D

  5. So CUTE and yes those are the best days....Love the popcorn smoke!!! LOVE IT!!!

    Have a great week!!! :-)

  6. Love this Stacey jammie days are my favorite and it looks like like I might have a few in store with all the snow we just got!! Great Layout!


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