Monday, February 1, 2010

Friends and Family

Nice when you can call your family members your friends as well! I have that ability with all of my sisters as well as my sister's-in-law! Nathan calls Christian his best bud and they are first cousins. There bond is so strong. What is nice about it is that I can call Christian's mom a friend. One of the best. I knew Sue well before I met her brother, Steve. She has seen me through many things, good, bad and ugly. Our relationship has had ups and downs, but now we really are sisters. Stuck with each other...but in a good way (I know you are giggling right now!). She sees through me, right to the inside and can read me better than anyone. Which sometimes pisses me off because I can't hide a darn thing!, I am so appreciative that she gets the real me and loves me in spite of it. She tells me like it is when I need it and never judges me when I need true understanding.

We spend lots of time together as families because the kids are super close. Nathan and Ella just adore her, looking to her like a second mom. I know she would do anything for them. So I had to scrap this beautiful photo and document what she means to our family.

I created the paper flower on this layout. I had cut several of the flower circles from a sheet of paper and imagined doing some scattered thing. Then I realized that I don't scatter well. Giggle! So I grouped them together to make petals! Easy and cheap!

All supplies are from the February kit from My Scrapbook Nook! It is a beauty!


  1. Beautiful page! I love the colors!

  2. Beautiful layout! I love how you created your own flower for the page!

  3. I just love this one...what great colors and the flowers that you made....AWESOME...I LOVE!!!

    Wishing you a Fabby week!!! :-)

  4. Love how you used BG Origins on this layout!! The colors are amazing & love your layout!!

  5. Gorgeous layout and combination of little touches on this!


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