Friday, February 26, 2010

March Already... just a few days. Time surely is going by. This week was a busy one, but in a weird way. Nathan was sick for 4 days so we rotated staying home with him. I didn't really "work" for 13 days...yet being home tending to children is certainly "work." In between laundry and getting him juice, I spent lots of time cuddling and just staring at him. As a parent, you want to suck the sickness out of them and replace it with pure joy. It is amazing how you can look into their eyes and see that they don't feel well.

Today was the first day that I saw the shine in his eyes again and it was nice!

The arrival of March brings new opportunities, more play dates, and lots of sibling interactions. I have some fun scrappy stuff coming up in the next few days so keep your eye out! Soon it will be progress report time and parent/teacher conferences. We will hopefully sell our house quickly and will begin moving.

During this time of uncertainity, I will hang on tight to these two. My love bugs, the lights of my life. They bring a softness to me that no one else can and I am very grateful.

This layout appeared in the Feb. issue of Scrapstreet. We were sent this gorgeous Theresa Collins paper to play with and I truly enjoyed it!

Speaking of March, be on the lookout for the new issue of Scrapstreet. There is a nice surprise for me! And, rush on over the to Nook to order the March kit featuring Pink Paislee's Bayberry Cottage! If you sign up for a one year membership to the kit club, you will receive a free February kit (the one with the gorgeious Origins line). You also get your 13th kit FREE!!! So, you get two kits for free! Go here to check it out!

Enjoy the last few days of February!


  1. Adorable layout! Not usually a fan of the Teresa Collins stuff but you use it well.. as per usual! You talented lady you!!!

  2. So sorry that your little one was glad he is feeling a bit better....

    OHHHHHHHHH that LO is just Precious...I love every single detail!!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. I love how "fresh" this layout feels! And...I finally signed myself up for the Kit Club :) That deal was too good to pass up. Can't wait to play w/the rest of you. The sickness has overtaken my 3 girls too. With each one it got a little worse. I hope the last one is over it soon, you're right it's tough to watch them be sick.

  4. Totally fun LO! Love the little tickets!

  5. so cute, Stacey! Hope your pumpkin is feeling better.

  6. adorable layout, stacey! i always loved that TC line!


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