Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A First For Me

Being a scrapping enthusiast (well, addict is probably a better word), you would think that I would have made a page about my love for it. Up until now, I hadn't. A couple of months ago, I was given a few shots of me scrapbooking at a class at my LSS. There was a photographer since the class was with Sharon and Tom from Little Yellow Bicycle. I thought, hmmm...maybe someday.

Well, that someday came when I found this die cut by Basic Grey. I loved the message and was instantly inspired to make this simple page!

I don't think non-scrappers always understand the addiction. Thank goodness there are online communities where we crazies can find each other and celebrate our love for this hobby!

Together forever!


  1. LOL...you are too cute! Love the page! The green pops on the craft paper!

  2. Love this one and YAY you did a page about creating!!!! I know what you mean about non scrappers not understanding.....a few of my friends look at me like...OK...whatever!!!!

    Great papers!!!

    Wishing you a great week!!!

  3. Love your design and the fact that you have pics of you scrappin! So fun!

  4. I love this page and the idea behind it! I got so mad the other day when a friend said, "I wish I had the time to do that!" It's true that only friends like you understand why that makes a scrapper mad! We don't do it b/c we have extra time! (;

  5. HAHA, you know I'm right there with you. Most of my friends IRL have no idea how addicted I am. They just don't 'get' the scrapping thing. I am so grateful I have peeps like you that do! Love your cute croppin' pics, and that page is perfect. (:

  6. this is perfect BOM page. GORGEOUS as always

  7. And ever... Great layout! Hope you keep having fun doing this addictive 'hobby' of ours!


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