Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vacation Begins!

I am officially on spring break and it feels great! The weather is awesome and I am looking forward to scrapping a ton! Hopefully, my mojo will return. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my May Memory Makers issue because I will (hopefully) have two layouts inside. I cannot wait for that moment when I spot them-it is my first pub! I plan to go through the issue from front to back as usual so that I can fully enjoy finding my stuff. Don't know if I will actually be that patient!

Here is a layout for the Creative Therapy Catalyst! The challenge was to scrap what you love about yourself. Well, I guess I love that I am reflective. The journaling here really speaks to that. I guess I also love that I am me. Can't be anyone else. I am who I am, strengths and flaws and I have to love me no matter what!

Journaling reads: Behind this smile is a relatively happy woman. Someone who is constantly reflective and truly has the best intentions, even if that is not always apparent. A person who appreciates her many blessings and feels many moments of utter contentment. Behind this smile is someone who is shy, yet takes risks. Somewhere, buried within, is a person who has felt deep pain. A little girl who is afraid to be vulnerable, yet seeks security and love. Someone who has asked for wisdom and who has experienced much healing. Behind this smile is a woman with a feisty personality, drive, and a short temper that always needs taming. Someone who is often plagued by worries, giving new meaning to the term "over-analyzing". Behind this smile is a complex woman who sees the best in others and has had to believe in second chances in order to survive. Someone who feels watched over by a guardian angel. Behind this smile is me.


  1. Love this page! Great journaling too! Nice to get to know you a littel better :)

  2. Well, first off, CONGRATS on being published!!!! I am SOOOOO incredibly jealous but SOOO happy for you at the same time! Second, I LOVE that layout of you! WAY to go on that journaling! It's good to just put yourself out there like that, scary, but refreshing for the soul
    ! You rock girly! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Beautiful journaling!! Thank you so much for sharing every week with us Creative Therapy!

  4. This is so beautiful! Wonderful layout! :)


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