Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My House is My Home...

And it is totally quiet right now because everyone is napping! I just love sitting here, mid-day with the sun shining through the windows. Helps me gear up for the next shift of mommy-hood!

It is Earth Day today! We are trying to go green a little at a time! Small changes can make a huge difference. This layout speaks of how we planted that tree in our front yard several years ago. Journaling reads: This is the first house I have ever lived in. When I look back at my history, I resided in many different places. The one I remember best is a huge apartment complex-the kind you didn't want to be found walking alone in at night. My parents were hard workers, each taking a different shift in different blue-collar factories. They made a ton of sacrifices so that we could have what we needed. One of the sacrifices was the ability to own a house. While I was away at college, they finally were able to buy their first house-a place I would only visit, but never live in. As an adult, I resided in apartments or two family houses, all rentals. I owned a condo at one point, but even that is not quite the same as a house in a nice neighborhood. Then I had the good fortune to meet Steve. Together, we bought this house on Ridge Road. We planted that tree in the front yard, have watched it take root and grow. Together, we have added a dog and two beautiful children. We have given them a precious gift, a place to put down roots. This house means the world to me. This house is my home.

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    I love your Lo's!!!! I love how you layer stuff!!!


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