Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

So, it is happening a bit. Ella is beginning to gravitate more to Daddy. She has been so attached to me since the day she arrived. I love watching the two of them together. I know how important my dad has been to me. That is what really inspired this layout. Well, that and these photos. How precious!

Journaling: I speak from experience when I tell you that a father's love is forever. Ella, you are so lucky to have your daddy in your life. How wonderful that you will always have someone there who loves you for who you are. Someone who sees the best in you and love the rest unconditionally. You will always have someone there to protect you. Daddy does & will continue to do everything in his power to keep you safe. You will always have someone there to wipe your tears and give you a shoulder to cry on. And Daddy has big shoulders & an understanding heart. You will always have someone to laugh with. Ella, know that Daddy's love for you is forever.


  1. I absolutely love it! The black and pink make SUCH a strong layout! She is so adorable :) WTG Stacey!

  2. Beautiful page and such sweet, heartfelt journaling! Love it (from another Daddy's girl, LOL!)


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