Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The People at Walgreen's...

...must think that I am crazy! I am in there like every other day picking up $2.00 worth of pictures. I have been putting thought into my layout before I process my photos. I have really started to customize the size and use multiple photos. It is hard for me to do that with a lot of photos at once, so I order only a few at at time. It works, but I think I will know the name of the photo person at Walgreen's before long.

Here is my latest project for the ScrapStreet Star contest! We had to use stars and create a grouping of a layout and 3 cards. The layout came together quickly--it has a lot of stuff and is more "free" than the layouts I usually do. I handstitched the swirls and the crooked line--it is a pain, but the effect is cool. I like it! I don't make a lot of cards, mostly because I don't have a lot of time. I am glad that I was forced into it because I learned that I can make a decent card and it doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. The first one I created was quite hideous and I had to throw it away, but these three come out the way I wanted. All of the pieces had to be connected in some way. I used the same color scheme and used stitching on all of the projects. See, I can be on a design team. LOL! Any takers?...

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  1. Girl, I think you could totally rock a design team! I feel the same push you do. Tried out for SOOO many and no one wants me :( But someone will take us! I am totally sure of it. Keep rocking those layouts!!!! I love them all!! (You are now officially on my blog stalker list!) -Brianne


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