Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ah, one of those weeks were I can't get here. No matter how hard I try or how many pages I have to post! It has been busy! This guy turned five today.

He is a joy and a blessing. He has challenged me to look more carefully at myself and he has made me laugh a million times!

I baked him a special cake this weekend.

Well, actually my DH had to help because I got my fingers wrapped around the beater. Yes, I was holding the inside of the beater with my right hand. I pushed it into the hand held electric mixer and it switched on. Twisted, sprained fingers.

Umm, words of advice. Be sure it isn't plugged in before you try to put the beaters into the back. My SIL told me not to share that story, but I needed to explain why the cake came out a bit messy. Cute, but messy!

The idea and step--by-step instructions are on the Betty Crocker site!

I have a cold, hate my new haircut and feel too busy. Hmmm...just call me happy sunshine these days. It will pass, but boy, do I hate being in a funk!

Maybe this will make me happy...a layout about how Steve makes me laugh. Nathan got his sense of humor from Daddy.

All supplies are from the September Studio Calico kit. I also made this layout for the new challenge over at Category Stories. Head over and participate to be eligible for a cool prize!

Gotta run. My fingers are sore from typing.
Just call me Grace...


  1. stacey that cake is awesome, way better than i could ever make, even with good fingers :D

    great LO - love the labels for the title :D

  2. OUCH!!! I do that all of the time..but I won't do it anymore....The cake is Fabulous and your little man is soooooo adorable!!! Love the I always do!!! :-)

  3. WHOA! You baked that cake? Well, I'll be!! LOL Too talented in every which way you are!! Thanks for another awesome liftable layout, gots to do more with that kit I got :)

  4. Super cute cake in spite of the injuries... I was laughing because that is so something I would do & shush have done lol - see if I would post the story like you on a blog maybe I would have saved you the injury (take it from someone who has been to the ER with a sewing machine needle impaled in her finger)

    Happy b'day to your little guy - he is just adorable.

  5. happy birthday Nathan! sorry about your fingers :(
    love the layout!!
    hope you will feel better soon :)

  6. Happy 5th Birthday!

    Awesome cake.

  7. Just saying hello
    I love your style and appreciate the inspiration.


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