Thursday, October 22, 2009

Only a Few More Hours

and it is the weekend! I am very excited and just need some chill out time!

As a matter of fact, I will be getting cozy on the couch tonight and spending the evening with all of my favorite reality TV shows. I am an addict. Ever just need those nights where you veg? Eat cookies and flip through all the channels. Top Chef, America's Next Top Model, Project Runway--I love it.

One of the reasons I am so tired involves my feisty three year old. She talks a lot. Every night, I snuggle with her at bedtime. It is a nice quiet way to end the evening and have some quality time. I admit that I sometimes power nap.

Or I used to...because she has developed this habit where she sings, tells stories, blows in my face and pushes all my hair in my face. Good times huh?

In spite of that...she is stinkin' cute and makes my heart happy.

Supplies: Paper and journaling tags: Collage Press, Sequins: Making Memories, Alphabet: American Crafts, Small Alphabet: Jenni Bowlin Studio, Button: Making Memories

I used some of those little golden sequins that come in the Vintage Finds packages from Making Memories. I have had them and was not quite sure how to use them. You can't tell, but they have all this sparkle and glimmer.

Just like Ella!


  1. I am excited too, it's my favorite night! Just waiting for Alex to settle down, he is still singing.
    Love that layout. Love the distressed edges and that title just pops. Enjoy your night.

  2. beautiful girl - isn't 3 fun? :D

  3. Last night was my big TV night!
    I love my children dearly but I must agree, it's oh so nice to have some time for yourself!

    Love your layout!
    Have a great weekend

  4. I'm with ya, tonight, Stacey. And, surprisingly enough the girls went to bed rather quickly, probably because we were slow getting baths done and the night routine and they were just so tired. I love nights like this. I recorded Grey's and have the last two weeks of Top Chef recorded that I still need to watch. Have a great night. p.s. the layout is amazing!!!

  5. the talking part, enjoy that.. because in a few years she might think its uncool to chat to mommy. LOL. your girl is adorable, Stacey.. so so adorable. Love that layout of her.

  6. Oh LO is just perfect...I love it!!! I had to giggle when reading this...because each time I put Evan to bed...his little mouth never shuts down...he talks...he whispers..he wraps himself around me like a spider and tickles me....all a way to not go to sleep!!!! But you know what....I love it!!!!! I know I am tired and he is too...but just hearing that sweet voice reminds me how blessed I am!!!! Have a great chilled out weekend and enjoy vegging on the sofa!!!! :-)

  7. fantabulous layout Stacey!!! Is 3 fun??? I hope it's better than 2!!

  8. Your layout is amazing! It's just beautiful! TFS

  9. Oh how I love this! That background paper is so perfect and adorable photos.

  10. i'm seriously enjoying all your pages ! :)


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