Saturday, October 10, 2009

These times are passing...

...well, the season has definitely changed. Ella asked me yesterday if we were going back to the little pool with the shower. We frequented our community swimming pool all summer. I had to explain how we wouldn't go back until next summer! BooHoo! Although I look forward to pumpkin picking and have never been so excited for Halloween! Blame that on Pink Paislee's Twilight collection! LOL!

School is fully back in session and is using up so much of my energy. I have some wonderfully challenging students this year. In addition to their unique needs, we have some new movements in education where the accountable is much greater. I say Hoorah for that. We have the greatest and most important job. My students teach me so much. They teach me that growth is relative and small changes make great impact! I see the beauty that is in each of them, much like I want people to see that in me.

I finally got some scrapping time in and look forward to doing lots over this long weekend! Isnt' it funny how happy this hobby makes us!

As a tribute to the passing of summer, here is a layout celebrating outdoor sports.

Supplies: Paper, Chipboard: Girl Friday by Cosmo Cricket, Cardstock: Bazzill.

I just adore Girl Friday. Cosmo stuff really does not go out of style. No matter how many times the seasons change!

Happy Saturday all!


  1. great LO, love the swirl as the ball goes flying - great touch :D

    i love cosmo too :D

  2. Love this one girlie and the use of the multiple photos just perfect!!!! What adorable paper and colors!!!! Yes I am making that cake...and of course I will share!!! :-)

  3. Awesome, Stacey!! I, too, like how you used a series of pics and where you placed the swirly. I agree- Cosmo is just one of those things that looks great no matter how old the collection is.

  4. So adorable! It feels like fall is just flying by! Slow down I say, winter seems to last forever,

  5. Wow, what an AWESOME layout!
    I love those papers together!
    I agree, Cosmo Cricket's papers never go out of style.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love yours!

  6. Such a pretty layout. I love the swirl. What was Cosmo thinking not picking you for the team? You're awesome as always


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