Thursday, October 1, 2009

We Now Interrupt...

...regularly scheduled programming! LOL! I was going to share my other Sass layout, but...this box full of gorgeous stuff came to my house. And I had to scrap it, not because Leah asked me to, but because she filled the kit with so much loveliness.

Here is the October My Scrapbook Nook kit:


And here is what I made with it! You all know how much I love to look for elements right within the paper that I can use for embellishments/themes/borders! The yellow flower border was it for me! And I had to put the beautiful ribbon in the kit to good use! So I stitched and then backstitched!

I posted a class on how to complete this layout here if you are interested! Almost 40. 39 tomorrow...where does time go!

My thirties have been great times. I found myself suddenly alone at the end of my 2o's and really needed to get in touch with who I really was. After facing some demons and really discovering myself, my life completely changed. Steve walked in, my friendships were strengthened and I had my babies. I have also had some very difficult times, particularly this past year. Because of living my 30's, I am able to handle those and see the lessons I am meant to learn. Well, most of the time. Because I am far from perfect. So there will be plenty for me to work on during the next decade! I look forward to the changes, challenges and gifts that my 40's will bring. Ahh...waxing philosophical.

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. That kit is gorgeous, Stacey! And your layout is embellished so perfectly! Love the tags and ribbon work!

    Are you holding out on a Sass layout? lol Mostrosity is one of my favorite lines right now - love the colors!

  2. Hey Stacey- Happy Birthday! My b-day is tomorrow too!! Us Libras have to stick together!!

  3. wow, what a great layout... that kit looks amazing!!

    I will turn 39 this december.. my husband is a few months younger and gives me hell for it lol
    great page!!

  4. love the confidence of the journalling on this page - you really shine through :D

  5. wow - that's a lot of great stuff! love the layout!

  6. The Nook kit is delish and your layout is fantastic!!!

    Love your attitude towards life girlie!

  7. This kit rocks...and you rocked it with the LO!!! Love the ribbon work and the story behind this LO!!!! Wishing you a great day sweet friend!!! Happy Birthday!!! :)

  8. The good news is that your layout is phenomenal! Wow, I may have to consider some BW photos, lol. The gooder news is, lol, you look at most 31 in your photos, LOL. The goodest news is Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday Stacey!

    Gorgeous layout.

  10. Whoa, not only is that kit full of lovlies, your LO is completely amazing. love the ribbon...woohooo!

  11. love it!! what awesome goodies too!

  12. Ooooooh! That kit is so awesome and your layout is as amazing as always. I truly love how you embellish your always seems to be just right!

    Happy, happy birthday to you today! And just so you know, they say your 40's are even better and I'm finding that to be true. Just wanted you to know that for all the enjoyment your 30's have brought next year when you ring in the 40's it will get even better! ;)

  13. THIS is AMAZING! could NOT love this layout more!


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