Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can I Have Some of That?

...energy, energy, energy! Nathan is so full of it. Sometimes I wish he would share some with me! Then I wouldn't be such a crab first thing in the morning.

Or need 3 cups of coffee to feel awake...

Exercise may do it. If I had the time...I know, I am supposed to make the time but there are only so many hours in a day.

Britney Spears just shared that she lost her last few baby weight pounds by taking Acai berry supplements. Hmm...I have a bottle of those in my medicine cabinet? Will that help!?

Perhaps if I went to bed before midnight. But then how would I get my pages done...

Life...so full of dilemnas!


Maybe I will just hang out with this kid more often!

Supplies: Paper, Journaling Tags: Cosmo Cricket's The Boyfriend, Alphabet: American Crafts, Metal Arrow: American Crafts.

The small brown circles within the brown circles are actually tiny glue dots that I dabbed with cornstarch and inked brown. I was trying to be clever for a call for Scrapbooks Etc...

Never got around to submitting this one, though.

Too lazy...


  1. Another stunner, love it and so true. Imagine what we could get done if we had all that energy!

  2. This is AWESOME and how cool to use glue dots, cornstarch and ink!!!! You amaze me!!!!!! I want some of that energy toooo...my boys run circles around me!!!! Have a great Wednesday!!! :-)

  3. tricky technique - love your LO :D

  4. Man, you didn't submit that one to ETC?? You should have!! That is very clever way of using adhesive!!! You can let $$$ get away from you like that! LOL.

  5. Stacey, What an awesome layout of the little man!!! Everything about it is just perfect!!!!

    I wanted to tell you I will be at Wiggles on November 21st for Cheryl Mezzetti's class...She is having two that day..I am not sure which one yet, But I will keep you posted...Ihope you can go!!

  6. I really don't get it. Where does this kids get their energy! They never get tired!

    Love the way you've captured the moment Stacey!

  7. Loving the layout Stacey - I'm such a sucker for bright colors.

    If you find the secret to more energy.....please share!!!

  8. Awesome! I love the glue dot thing - you are just amazing... I wish I had a smidgen of your creativity

  9. oh so cute!! full of energy just like your boy :-)

  10. Great page, Stacey. How in the world did you come up with the idea to dip the glue dots in cornstarch and ink them? It looks awesome.


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