Sunday, March 18, 2012

At Home: The People

Sundays At Home usually mean decorating or DIY projects.  But, today I want to focus on the people at home.  A house is a home because of those we let in and those we love.  Yes, I have been sprucing up for spring and changing things up around my most lived in rooms.  But, today I would like to share a story about an influential person in Steve's life.

This person surely made his childhood memorable.  She showed him that you can have a second home due to the kindness of neighbors.  The expression "it takes a village" was meant for Betty.  I had the chance to snap some pictures of Ella with Betty this past fall.  I realized that she doesn't know Betty's story.  It needed to be told.

Here is the journaling:

I used Crate Paper on this one!  It was actually for the March Color Challenge, but I messed up the date it was due.  I am all about messing up my days this month. 

That's okay, because I am focusing on the bright moments and all those that I love!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous Stacey! I love love love the way you did the banner across the page!

  2. Love this! So sweet! Fab design too! :D :D :D

  3. Gorgeous LO! Love your handwritten journaling! So much love♥♥

  4. LOVE this page - a lot of great details but still preserving the white space

  5. your design rocks stace, love this so much!!!

  6. Oh the banner is lovely!! Pretty as always :)


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