Thursday, March 8, 2012

On Repeat

I walk up the stairs to deliver meals, I walk down the stairs to get more ice...times ten.  I exercise and then do it again for five more days.  I eat chocolate covered rice cakes as my snack each day.  The same routine is in place for getting ready in the morning, unpacking bags and bedtime.

I am on repeat.  More so than ever now.  My husband is recovering from surgery and is doing awesome.  He is ready to do the dishes again, but patience is the key.  So there is a lot to do.

I have sincerely repeated the words "thank you" over and over to all family and friends who have helped these past two weeks.

One great side effect that I can't get enough of is how my kids have stepped up.  They have been so helpful and cooperative.  There is a different energy in my house.  That can repeat itself all day long!

Here is Ella...on she doesn't stop talking, doesn't stop dancing.  This day, she didn't stop jumping and running with the balloon.  I didn't mind because it meant my camera got a workout!

I created this page based upon the gorgeous work of my friend, Carol Monson.  We design together at the Nook and she is so inspiring!  She was invited to be the Webster's Pages Guest Designer this month we all got to lift her!!  The whole bottom cluster was inspired by her design!

I used the Sunday Picnic line by Webster's for this layout.  It is truly one of my favorite collections ever!

Off to bed now...hopefully the zzz will stay on repeat!


  1. LOVE this page, STacey! Hope Steve is hanging in there, and you too! Been thinking about y'all. But you're still able to crank out fabulous pages! :D Get some rest girlie!

  2. This one is so cool! Even though it's slightly different from your usual style, one can still see that it's yours. Love the bottom cluster!

    Yeah, Carol is amazing, isn't she. You both are. The whole Nook is! (Sorry if I sound over excited... I actually got some energy from the Spring sun today!)

  3. This is a lovely page, I love the color combo and the photos are so cute !


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