Sunday, March 11, 2012

At Home: Budget Decorating

Happy Sunday!  Today is the day I am taking down winter and dressing my house for spring.  I can't wait to freshen things up!  I don't know about you, but I am an impatient decorator.  I am bothered by unfinished spaces or gaps.  I also don't have a million dollars to spend so I need to think fast and think on the budget.

I sometimes call it Level 1 decorating...I plan to make a space look pretty even if I don't have everything I really want.  I did this with my living room last year.  It looked livable and pretty.  Then I moved to Level 2, which consisted of finding those special touches.  Books from my personal library were switched out with vintage ones.  Knick knacks were replaced by antique cameras.  I switched things out with items with more personality, depth and character.

When we first moved in, I worked on Ella's room.  It is a much bigger space than her old room so I needed to go to Level 1.  I headed straight to Jo-ann's to do so.  The home section there is very small, but you can get some neat finds on the cheap.  I also knew that Ella's room had a garden fairy vibe so I hit the outdoor and spring section of Jo-ann's.  Outdoor garden items make for adorable decorations.  Here are some of the details:

Top of her armoire...I used many of the stuffed animals she has received over the years.  That basket used to hold diapers and creams where she was an infant...I am just using it in a different way.  Notice all the crowns!

I like to use sentimental objects when decorating.  This was her communion dress.  We went a bit untraditional when we chose it...I love this though.  Sweet and muted!  It hangs from her bookcase.

And her well-worn ballet slippers.  I couldn't throw these out so they make a cute addition to her displayed items.

This is her desk.  I picked it up at Marshall's.  She loves it!  I can't keep it clean, which makes me nuts.  But it is her room...

Her dresser.  I got this silver vase from Ikea.  I love having some touch of metal throughout the room.

Here is one of the main walls.  My mother in law found these Pottery Barn shelves at a tag sale.  They were silver so I just repainted.  I have a mix of vintage goodies and many items for the garden section at Jo-ann's.  The pig and birdhouses are antiques.  And, of course, I made some things.

The pig makes me smile...

Finally, to add some texture I reused these Oriental Trading pompoms.  They were orginally used for her birthday party.  They add whimsy!

I love the fact that I won't feel guilty about switching some of this stuff out when she gets a bit older.  That gives me time to look for Level 2 items at antique shops and tag sales.  Just think, I can think move all the garden items outside...


  1. This room is totally adorable. I bet Ella just loves it. You did a fabulous job Stacey, it looks like these are photos out of a magazine. Well done my friend.

  2. I love your decoration and all the details, it's colorful and joyful and very pretty !


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