Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slow Week

Well, it was a slow week....not because it was was crazy busy with baseball practice and birthday parties, plays and haircuts.  It was slow because I am hurting from working out too hard...I have a bit of an injury.  That meant early to bed and ice/heat.  That sures does cramp the crafty side of things.

I have a layout to share that I did a little bit ago.  It celebrates the concept of being bold.  Me...I am not so bold, until you meet me and I am comfy.  I am bold with my beliefs, how I will stand up for myself and others.  Bold when defending anyone I love.

My daughter...bold times five.  I made this layout to celebrate that trait.  I used the new Teresa Collins Fabrications line for this.  The purple in this collection is awesome!!

Because the colors in this collection are so rich and vibrant, I used a neutral background.  I then created some bold pops and a trail of confetti! 


Teresa has a mid-season release coming and I can't wait until it is revealed!  Be on the lookout on Monday...head to her blog to see it!

Off to catch up on the week.  Or maybe take a nap...


  1. Love the circles and the single heart! Adorable colors, too.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  2. This is such a pretty colour combo. I love all the circle bits floating on the page.


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