Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Trending: Light On Paper

Nope, not just being cheap.  Yep, I have plenty of 12 X 12 sheets of paper.  Nope, not too lazy to use my paper cutter.  Hmmm...maybe I am looking for quiet patterns.  I am not sure what it is...but I am craving minimal paper.  One background and then pops somewhere else.  Maybe along the side or the top.  My eye needs rest.  Maybe it's because the rest of the life is crazy!

Here is an example.  Note the calm background...there is tonal contrast.  Then,,,the pops.  Especially in the form of a grid.  Yep, I know it is not technically a grid, but that was the inspiration.

I wanted all the color and pattern to come from these cute chipboard pieces by Bella Blvd.  I adore is my favorite embellishment!   Most of this paper is from older collections, but Bella is timeless and it all goes well with each other!

I created that small ribbon-like award using a piece of chipboard and two sticker banners.

The little bits of pattern pop:  red hearts, stripes, yellow chevron. I went with an orange alphabet for this one!  It seemed a bit boring so I added the heart and button center.

Minimalist, maybe.  A phase, a trend in my scrappy world.  A new source of fun...and that is what this is all about!


  1. Perfectly balanced layout! Love the idea of one pp as background and then just lots of fun details and accents. Must be the perfect way to make something beautiful with busy photos. Awesome job!

  2. stunning page! so clean and balanced!


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