Friday, May 30, 2008


So excited that I can finally share this layout! It was recently published in the Reader's Idea Gallery of the May/June issue of Memory Makers. How cool is that!? I have been reading MM for a long time now and always imagined seeing one of my layouts in there. I wasn't sure it would actually happen ever, but thought no harm in trying. I have had some luck with them recently and am honored to be a small part of their magazine. I adore this picture of Ella and me because it truly captures a moment between us. I did not know the picture was being taken. She was screaming at a family picnic so I took her around the side of the shed to rock her. Journaling read: Always remember "Mommy kisses", rocking and hushing, all meant to soothe our sweet baby Ella.

Yep, she cried. A lot. I actually gave up dairy products for 5 weeks while I was nursing. Now that I know Ella a little better, I realize she was never really allergic to milk products. She was just being her--letting us know what she wanted and being relentless about getting it. Ha!

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  1. Hi, found you on 2p's love your lo's! I'll be back! :)


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