Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Funny Little Habits

We all have funny little habits and quirks. I have many of them and since Nathan is so much like me, temperment wise, he has them too. Ever since he first picked up a sippy cup, he was a sideways sipper. He puts the spout all the way to the right side of his mouth, turns his lips, and just chugs. Back then he would lift his pinky finger up too, which was a riot! Can't say he actually sips either. It is more like this huge set of swigs where he consumes half of his contents at one time. He cracks me up everyday! I am going to try hard to not only do the traditional holiday, birthday, events layouts, but also remember to capture these moments and funny little habits!

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  1. HI Stacey--I enjoy your blog. I find your work very inspiring. Sarah--my hairdresser--your sister-in-law--hooked me up. After years of talking to her about my scrapping fetish she knew just who to put me in touch with:). This weekend I am leaving for the Cape to scrap the time away with the girls (a belated mother's day present:)) Thanks for sharing the site with me--it's awesome and congrats on winning the recent challenge!!! Elizabeth


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