Sunday, May 25, 2008

Reality Therapy

So I scrapbook to capture all the fun and sentimental moments in life. Most of my pages communicate how happy I am and how blessed I feel. But I also believe that scrapbooking can be an outlet. A way to explore my feelings. I think we should scrap about our fears, our disappointments, and our moments of sadness. Let's keep in real. I created this layout after being inspired by the Creative Therapy Catalyst #10. The prompt was to create something about someone you miss. I scrapped about Steve and I-the couple we were before we had kids. The journaling speaks for itself.

It reads: Sometimes I really miss the carefree me & you, how we were before kids. I love those babies more than life itself & know that they are the product of our love for each other. I wouldn't trade being their parents. But I do miss how easy it was between us before our life became stressful & demanding. We give so much to them that we sometimes don't have much for each other. I miss long hikes & going on vacation, random naps on the weekend on the couch. That feeling that I can sense you anywhere. I've been thinking & just wanted to say that I really love you & the life, the amazing life, we've made. But sometimes I miss just you & me-"us". Sometimes...

Does anyone else feel this way too sometimes?


  1. My husband and I were married after kids but we always talked about what life would be like if there werent any kids around. I can totally understand what you must feel about this!

  2. I completely know what you mean. I love my daughter more than life itself but I do miss having a relationship with my husband like we did before with no stress.

  3. so true ...
    beautifully scrapped

  4. What a wonderfully honest scrapbook page. I do not have children yet but when I'm with Cary now, he and I imagine what it will be like and what we hope to hold on to so that we can remain strong as a couple. This helps me to appreciate where he and I are now instead of always looking for what's next...tfs

  5. this is amazing. how true. i am so glad you had the honesty to scrap it. it was therapeutic for me to read it. so i really thank you.


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