Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

It was a great Mother's Day. The perfect balance between time with my babes and time off to celebrate all the hard work I do! Steven was the perfect husband and really spoiled me! Saturday, we went to the playscape at my school. Nathan came running over to me to give me a flower and, of course, Ella followed! This handful of flowers (weeds, really) was the best present because it came right from them. On Sunday, I got to sleep in and it was wonderful. Breakfast at Nana's, scrapbooking at naptime, time to organize all my stuff before dinner and then take-out. It was nice not to be THE go-to-person for the day. Tomorrow, it will return back, but its okay. I have those two loves giving me smiles, 'tude, kisses and joy!

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