Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poor Nathan!

Poor Nathan has strep throat! He had a fever for three days and just wasn't right. At least we know what it is and are treating it! I have to say that even when he is sick, he is still crazy! Ran around, screaming and having a blast all weekend! This is one of the pictures from Mother's Day that I love. I used the colors from JanetB's Color Combos Galore, but added in the green too! I also used a sketch from Pencil Lines. I don't usually use sketches--I try to be cool and do it all myself. HaHa! I have to say that you can use the sketch as a jumping off point, but still make it yours. I don't think I would have layered quite this much without it. Still lovin' the Pink Paislee and feel like a little goes a long way!!! It is one of those lines I will use until every last scrap is gone!

This layout documents a daily ritual Nathan and I have. Journaling reads: We play this little game where I say, "I love you." You say it back and then I reply, "I love you more." We start competing to see who can say it the most, adding kisses and hugs into the mix. We giggle and rub noses. Then, one day you ran up to me, threw your arms around my neck & announced, "I love you more!" I nearly melted. I will always adore you & will play this game until you force me to stop. But there's one thing you should know-I'll always win because I love you more!!


  1. Even if you colden't link it we will find it:)

    The LO looks really great, love the layering of the pp with the heart on top!

    Thanks for playing! :)

    Color Combos Galore

  2. Wow,I love your take on the sketch! Make sure you email it to our readers gallery too!


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