Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sensitive Child!

So I am posting a Halloween layout in May. I realize that seems silly, but just did a bunch of fall ones for the mag calls. Publishing time is 6 months away from real time. Anyhow, I love this one because of the photo--how perfect to catch Nathan with that look on his face. He has some sensory issues (like someone else--I know). Screams like he is in pain when having his head touched, fusses with tags, doesn't like new textures with foods--things like that. Well, you can imagine how he felt in that costume. In his defense, the hat on that thing was huge and like 20 pounds heavy. He did not keep it on long and I could not get a good photo. Note to self, do not get costumes with funny heads for next year. HaHa!

Did I mention how much I love two things right now? Journaling tags--cannot get enough of them. Although, I never actually use them to journal on! And ledger paper. So perfect for journaling on...


  1. I saw your blog on two peas. Love all your layouts!

  2. I love this layout! The title is just perfect!

  3. Love your layout. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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